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He's A Big Sew And Sew

HE SAID THERE aren't too many things I'll admit to being totally useless at. There are plenty of things I am useless at, but actually admitting to it is another thing entirely!

Bobbin On A Reel Of Content

Sewers are coming out of the closet, designing their own creations and stitching up fashion firsts at Melbourne's laid-back sewing lounge, writes Marika Dobbin.


There are things you get for free. I never buy packing boxes because the greengrocer has dozens of sturdy boxes to give away each day. And I rarely run out of mascara before another fashion magazine has a free one stuck to its cover. This Nescafe Joe's cup must have..read more


Flinders Street Station, Sunday 2pm

Sharing A Yarn While You Learn

Crafts are enjoying a resurgence as people rediscover the lasting satisfaction of creating something unique, writes Jenny Tarran.